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Helping doctors hold better consultations and patients get better results

Bingli is the smartest medical interview in the world

Bingli asks the right questions

Bingli’s chatbot asks the patient 70-100% of the anamnestic questions the doctor would ask, before the actual in-person visit, resulting in a more qualitative and time-efficient consultation.

Bingli is an easy-to-use solution:

no difficult installation or download, just plug & play.

Bingli‘s easy-to-use questionnaire

Solution for patients

Choose the reason for your medical appointment

Are you sick, do you have an injury, do you need a renewed prescription? This helps the doctor know why you are coming.

Describe your health problem

Based on your description of your complaint, Bingli will ask a number of relevant questions, to help the doctor gather more information.

Go to your doctor better prepared

Because you had the time to answer these questions in your own language, you leave for your appointment better prepared.


How does Bingli work

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Bingli is GPDR compliant and ISO certified

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