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Bingli, the most complete solution

Bingli is a unique solution that is complementary to many other tools in the care pathway, creating added value with high ROI. We can help make complementary health tech solutions smarter, and better connected to the clinical practice (video consults, telemonitoring, appointments, prescriptions, …).

We create customized screening modules (to help detect/highlight specific or rare diseases or conditions, incl.diagnostic/devices), that can guide patients to relevant care pathways or drive referrals.

Bingli is easy scalable

internationally and across healthcare settings such as doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, …

Bingli is secure:

ISO27k certified, CE labelled and HIPAA/GDPR compliant

Bingli is interoperable:

Using international standards (HL7/FHIR, snomed CT, ICD10, ICPC2), Bingli can act as central hub in medical ecosystems (connecting appointment systems, video consult platforms, EHRs, logistics/planning tools)

Built-in multilingual flexibility

makes Bingli excel in multicultural settings/different countries

Survey builder

Bingli is the only solution enabling users to combine dynamic and (semi) fixed questionnaires offering a relevant intake solution for all clinical situations

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Bingli is GPDR compliant and ISO certified

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