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Our Team

Bingli is led by a highly talented and experienced interdisciplinary team, integrating medical, AI, software development, and business expertise. Our founders have >20-year experience in healthcare consultancy and communication.


Piet Van de Steen, MD

Co-Founder, Medical Doctor, Medical decision making specialist

Tom van de Putte

Co-founder, medical communication specialist

Timothy Barclay, MD

Medical Doctor, Data Scientist, Medical AI specialist

Francis Rousseau

Full Stack Developer

Marijke Meersman

Front-End Developer

Salim Oliviers

Back-End Developer

Jean-Philippe Plevoets 

Health solutions partner

Lawrence Offeciers

Content & communication specialist

Maud Orye

HR Manager

Mike Hagens

Business development manager

Anastasiia Ianina

Junior Full Stack Developer

Jolien Nelissen

Medical Project Lead

Bianca Mattheus


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Bingli is GPDR compliant and ISO certified

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