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Bingli puts empathy back in healthcare

Bingli can help administer the right care at the right time thanks to our differential diagnostic algorithms, which support triage, red flags, prioritization, and decision-making assistance. Because the patient is better prepared, in-person consultations are more qualitative and time-efficient consultation (up to 30% time-gain per consultation).

Bingli can help reduce the administrative burden: all data captured by Bingli are pre-coded, ready to integrate into the EHR.

Our medical practice optimization tool is used in various hospital settings, where we significantly improve patient-doctor communication for higher-quality consultations.  

Survey Builder

Bingli is the only solution enabling users to combine dynamic and (semi) fixed questionnaires offering a relevant intake solution for all clinical situations.

Smart anamnesis, triage, red flags, (remote) follow-up:

How does Bingli work

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Bingli is GPDR compliant and ISO certified

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