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For better healthcare at a lower cost with improved outcomes for patients and practitioners.


Bingli’s chatbot asks the patient 70-100% of the anamnestic questions the doctor would ask, before the actual in-person visit, resulting in a more qualitative and time-efficient consultation.

*96% diagnostic accuracy, 145 vignettes based on NHG standards


Free up 30% of a doctor’s time

Reduced admin burden
High quality information
The right care at the right time
Most accurate algorithms
Used by more than 400,000 patients

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Our mission

Bingli puts empathy back in healthcare

Bingli asks smart medical questions in advance so doctors are better prepared and appointments are more time efficient.

This frees up time to listen, be more empathic, and give information or answer your questions.

Our customers and partners


Bingli’s solution allows us to save two full-time nursing staff, people we can use again for real nursing tasks. In addition, we get all the information structured in our medical records.




Patients like to fill in the pre-operative questions at home. I get better information and can focus on what is important. A real time-saver!

Erik Van der Vorst

Erik Van der Vorst


My patients are more at ease during the consultation and I get better and more relevant information. I can only recommend to every doctor to use Bingli.

Dirk Van Genechten

Dirk Van Genechten


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Bingli is GPDR compliant and ISO certified

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